What is truly the Source of creativity?  How do we harness it and keep it flowing in our lives?  What’s the best way to tap into the creative forces around us?

Creativity is available to all of us.  It is ever present, ever flowing and always growing.  Our world and our economy is effectively run on ideas — creative ones.  But how do we cultivate the space to make this powerful force work for us?  Here at Visionary Legacy Project, we work with many people to help them cultivate their creativity and productivity to lead more successful lives.  Here’s what I notice most from my interactions:

Creativity Comes From the Soul

At our essence, we are all spiritual beings.  We are all descended from pure, positive, creative Source Energy (God, Universe).  Creativity is at our very core.  We all come into the world full of creativity, energy and life.  Unfortunately, our culture has divided us into groups of non-creatives and creatives.  It’s also assigned terms to creativity that make it seem weak, not serious, frivilous or even ridiculous.

Creativity is a State/Point of View on Life

Creativity isn’t just about making pottery or painting with watercolors. Creativity is a state of mind.  It’s about seeing possibility where others see the impossible.  It’s about knowing that there’s always another answer, another way, another option.  It’s about not just following the directions, but making them as well.  Cultivating a creative spirit opens up the third dimension, and doesn’t just establish taste but creates taste-makers.  Creativity is a point of view on life.

Creativity Requires Practice

Whether your creativity is a natural gift or a skill you’re working on mastering, it takes practice.  The creative state of mind has to be nurtured — weeded, watered and seeded in order for inspiration to truly take root — ask any fashion designer and they’ll tell you it’s both a gift and a skill.  It can be strengthened or weakened by our daily practices, which is why the most successful creatives have rituals and habits that keep them fresh and flexible to the process.

So while creativity is available and essentially a part of all of us, we can train ourselves away or towards it at any time.  Those who train themselves towards it, even if their jobs or lifestyle is not necessarily geared towards something creative per se, are greatly rewarded by the constant influx of ideas and freshness that comes with nurturing a creative spirit.  A creative spirit doesn’t need money, power or influence to thrive.  It just needs belief and room to grow.

How do you nurture your creative spirit?  Let us know in the comments below!

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