What are the things that highly creative, productive and successful people do on a daily basis to give them the edge?  Why is it that some people can have an empire to their creativity while others can barely get their one project attention?  The answer lies in their mindset, habits and rituals.  The daily, even hourly things that these people do differently from most, that allow them the freedom to let their creativity thrive, grow and inspire those around them.

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They Fully Embrace Growth and Change

Nothing tends to terrify creative people more than a change, shift or a curveball.  However, life does not tend to cooperate by only providing safe, stable or even sane situations for us to work with.  Successful creatives have figured out how to look at change differently by giving it a new meaning. Instead of “This is stressful, I don’t want to handle/deal with this”, they ask:

“What is there for me to learn here? “What’s the value/opportunity in this situation?”  “What if this were the best thing that ever happened?  How do I use this to my advantage?”

They Have An Empowering Belief around Prosperity

Many, many creatives don’t have prosperity because they believe there is something wrong with making money from their creative expression.  This belief alone can stop an artist from making a living doing what it is they love most.  This belief can also stop anyone from enjoying prosperity for themselves even if they manage to attain it, so they either give or spend it all away because they don’t feel right about having it.  Successful creatives have a healthy, empowering belief around abundance and prosperity that allows them to claim and enjoy the fruits of their labor without guilt or shame.  An example:

“My creative gifts are designed for Universal enjoyment.  I am powerful and worthy of the money I receive in exchange for these gifts which allow me to expand, support and share with others.”

They Have An Empowering Belief Around Failure

Nothing derails an artist more than the failure of a creative endeavor.  They seem to have a life of their own, and when they are not well received or are not able to be completed, suffering ensues.  Successful creatives are able to know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.  They can get clear about when it’s time to keep something in their back pocket for another day or simple brush off their losses and move on.  This is not a skill to be underestimated, because baggage for an artist is death.  Your ability to travel light and keep things moving is a critical skill for all creative people.  Here are what some of the thoughts look like — fair warning, it’s easier than it sounds:

“I only fail when I fail to create.”  “I am not perfect, nor do I seek to be.” “I am exactly where I’m supposed to be in my process.”  “All is well.”

They Cultivate Stillness, Calm and Connection

Highly effective and productive creatives especially value the power of calm and stillness and cultivate it in their daily lives.  Whether it’s mediation or walks in nature, they know the power of stopping to clear the mind and creating an atmosphere of appreciation.

They Design An Environment of Creativity

Laughter and Play are crucial elements of the creative process.  While discipline and ethic are key to the equation, laughter and play are overlooked as the balancing element that gives greater meaning to the discipline and work ethic (and generally helps you to be a better person to be around).  Sometimes breaking routine is as important as the routine itself.

They Deeply Trust Their Own Intuition

Sometimes all an artist has is their gut.  Just the deep, deep knowing that comes from the deepest part of us.  No one else, not even those closest may see our vision or feel what we feel, but successful creatives live for that gut feeling.  A true gut feeling should give a sense of calm and knowing.  Oftentimes, a belief based on fear takes shape and masquerades as gut.  This is just a way of keeping you safe.  This is why mediation and stillness are key.  If the feeling is still there in the quiet, and it gives you peace, then you’re in the zone.

They Celebrate Their Uniqueness and Individuality

Successful creatives don’t want to be like anyone else!  They celebrate and embrace all of the quirky, weird, twisted, upside down perspectives that they embody and they share them willingly.  They make the abnormal normal for themselves and for those around them.  This creates a magnetic quality that makes people flock to the special differences and individual qualities of any artist.  They’re also willing to sit out the initial scorn or disdain for the “different” until the world catches up – their light never dims.

They Actively Create At All Times

The ABC’s of Creativity: Always. Be. Creating.  Paid or unpaid, right or wrong, winter or summer.  Always.  We never know what comes until we keep doing something over and over.  Many a divine inspiration has happened on the way to another place, but if you’re not on your way nothing is sure to happen.  Creative people should be like sharks.  Always challenging, pressing, and reaching to a higher standard that YOU create, not others.  Those who have already made it know that you have to be willing to go beyond what is necessary in order to have what is extraordinary.

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