Do you know your personal power?  Are you aware of the vast and unlimited potential that lay inside of you?  Do you believe that you can have ANYTHING you want?  Or are you tortured by the things that you want out of life because you feel like they always elude you?

How do you claim your power and get what is yours for the taking?

I had the great pleasure of going to my first Abraham Hicks//Law of Attraction workshop this weekend.  Having never been, I called the office and was told to arrive early — very early!  So, I woke at the crack of dawn, kissed my husband and two babies and drove to the Westin in  Lombard, IL to experience Abraham up close.

Law of Attraction and Power Thoughts 2
Me and my line mate Mike, who also got to the workshop at 6am!

As I sat there in the audience of 500 people listening to Abraham, I was most struck not by anything was being said, oddly enough.  Was I was the most fascinated with was the fact that the atmosphere and the energy in the room allowed me easy access to powerful thoughts about myself.  Not just positive, but powerful.  Something inside of me got stirred deeply and somehow, this crazy dream I have of changing the world didn’t seem so crazy in that room.  In fact, it felt achingly right.

Ever notice how sometimes the hardest thoughts to think are thoughts of how amazing, beautiful, powerful, resourceful you are?  And how entitled you are to an abundant, prosperous and dynamic life beyond anything that has been seen before?

I know that I’m not alone in this.  We want more, yet find it hard to step at times into the full magnificence of our being.  But I’m here to tell you that you are in fact God in physically manifested form.  There is nothing you can not do.  The only thing stopping you is your own mind.  Why?  Because you can never be greater than what you think of yourself.

I have a challenge for you:  Make up your mind that you are a invaluable asset to the universe.  Make up your mind that without your full contribution to this planet, the heavens and the earth will not be satisfied.  Don’t settle for a mind full of thoughts about your brokenness.  It’s probably more familiar, I know, but you can change that.  Don’t use any circumstance in your life:  your age, race, gender, social economic background, ANYTHING to stop you from dreaming the crazy dream you have.  Transform your life by transforming your mind.

If you want to manifest ALL OF THE THINGS that are on your heart, you must take the time to get in agreement with God about what he’s already put aside for you.

Do you believe that you can create what you want?  YOU CAN MAKE A CHOICE.  You can decide what and who you want to be.  After going to the workshop, I took a good look at some of my morning rituals and have decided to add more “POWER THOUGHTS” to them.  Use these phrases or make your own, but whatever you do, DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS.


What are your power thoughts?  Let us know below!

In service of your visionary legacy,


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