How To Demolish and Overcome Your Fears, Pt. 2: The Dance

OK.  So if you’ve already read Part 1, you should be ahead of the game right now.  You’ve partnered up with your fear.  You know that you can’t totally get rid of it, but you’re sick enough of it running the show, that you’ve decided to figure out how to work with it.  Now, let’s […]

How To Demolish & Overcome Your Fears, Pt. 1: Screw Fear!

Yeah, I said it!  Screw Fear.  Fear sucks.  Aren’t you fed up already?  Don’t you wish you could meet fear in a dark corner and just beat the effing crap out of it??  I’m from Brooklyn — that’s how we used to handle things we couldn’t stand back in the day.  Fear saps your energy, […]

How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

(click here to watch this video on youtube) Ugh.  Comparison.  You know, you know deep down inside that you shouldn’t do it, yet like a bad habit, you see someone with the body you want or the man you want or the life you want and you get out the measuring stick before you even […]

Why You Must Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

”Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold.” – Helen Keller How often do you push yourself?  Do you regularly step out of what’s comfortable or what’s safe for you?  Do you have to be in control all the time? How often […]

Effective Planning for Unstoppable Creative and Professional Success

Want to be a creative powerhouse?  When do you create?  How often?  Do you just wait for the moment to hit you before you’re in “the zone” or do you plan for your creative juices to be flowing and ready for you to do your best work?  What’s your daily/weekly plan for getting it all […]

How To Create a Powerful Vision for Your Creative Future

Where are you going?  What’s your vision for your creative future?  What’s your personal Mount Everest?  Can you taste it, touch it, smell it, feel it when you close your eyes?  What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?  If you want to create a powerful future, it starts today.  Here’s how to […]

How To Overcome Disappointment and Failure

Now What?  What happens when despite your best efforts and your planning, something still goes wrong?  What to do when you’re crushed under the weight of pain and disappointment and you’re beating yourself up because you feel responsible, or like you should have known better? Failure.  It’s a terrible word. No one wants to experience […]

Powerful Habits of Highly Creative, Productive and Successful People

What are the things that highly creative, productive and successful people do on a daily basis to give them the edge?  Why is it that some people can have an empire to their creativity while others can barely get their one project attention?  The answer lies in their mindset, habits and rituals.  The daily, even […]