How To Claim The Power Of Your Authentic Story

What drives you?  What makes you who you are? We are all driven and motivated by the stories we tell ourselves.  Storytelling is an experience of empowerment, a way of honoring your journey and creating from it.  We normally don’t take the time to look at the stories we tell ourselves and choose to be […]

How to Overcome Parenting Fears, Doubts and Worries

Ultrasound Tech:  Congratulations!  You’re having twins!! Me:  Whaaa??? Ultrasound Tech:  So exciting!!  Twinkies! Me:  Whaaa?? Holy Crap!  I’m Pregnant. Needless to say, my journey into motherhood was going to be big.  Very big.  This was of course a great time, I had been trying to get pregnant and was very excited to be on that […]

Welcome to the Visionary Legacy Project!

(watch this video on YouTube here) Are you an artist, director, creative executive, producer, writer actor or other creative professional struggling to take your work to the next level and be seen?  Do you feel like you’re in this business on a mission, with something meaningful  to say or do, but instead feel overwhelmed, uninspired […]