The Power Of NO

THE PRACTICE So on top of being a recovering perfectionist, I’m also a bit of a recovering people pleaser.  I was trained from a young age that the needs of others were more of a priority than my own, and this conditioning made me really good at meeting other peoples needs.  After a while, I […]

A Recovering Perfectionist Guide To Time Management

THE PRACTICE Here’s the deal:  I got me three year old twins, a husband, a business and all the laundry, cooking, shopping and cleaning that goes along with it.  Being the “at home” parent, even though I work full time, means getting saddled with tasks I have to fit in my day, yet be wildly […]

I woke up like..this

WELCOME TO THE PRACTICE I wanted to create a space where both I and you could unwind a bit.  We spend so much time trying to be every thing to every body, but where do we go to get better, train and improve.  Because I don’t know about you, but I DID NOT wake up […]