Is your job or passion to create or be creative?  Do you write, direct, photograph, design, or produce media in some form?  If so, these are the critical tools you will need in order to nurture your spirit passion for creativity so you can maintain a successful career and business.   If creativity is your gift, make productivity your skill, and balance your mindset, then you can have a successful life. 

Creativity + Productivity + Balance = Success

Too often, as creative people we suffer from over-stimulation from our environment and a fierce desire to always be growing and changing as artists.  As such, we tend to be resistant to any order, structure or thing that might take us out of our “creative flow”.  Yet we fail to realize that without proper groundwork, mindset and vision, our creative flow dies anyway.  Life finds its way into the process because you haven’t managed it up front, and soon enough, everything is draining the very thing that gave you the energy to handle life itself.  Or, maybe you’re in a job or run a business that’s born out of your creativity or artistry, but the demands of work environment and mindset of those around have you struggling to maintain your spiritual and creative core while managing the day to day.

These 6 Spritual Rules of Creative Success are designed to help reinstate a sense of order and divine wisdom into your creative life and process.  As hectic as things get, if you lean into these key pillars, you’ll be able to maintain and create from the place of abundance and overflow and create even more success in your life.

1.  Get To Know Who You Really Are.  We are, at our core, spiritual beings.  Whether you call it God, The Universe, Nature or another term or phrase, we all have and come from Source Energy.  That Source is pure, loving, creative and ever flowing.  It’s important that we get in touch with the fact that our Inner Being/Soul is pure potential, pure creativity.  Our souls are the true birthplace of all creative genius.  For those of us gifted in the area of getting in touch with this particular part of the Universal energy, we carry a great passion for the world around us that can sometimes feel like responsibility and even burden on occasion.  To some extent, it’s hard to see the world through a different (and sometimes more wacky) lens.  However, pretending it’s not a part of us is never the answer.  It only makes us worse.  The way to honor our gift is to embrace it fully and know that it is our interlude in this life with that pure and potential that gives us passion.  Our job is to protect it so that it can be properly shared.

2.  Design A Vision For Your Creative Future.  If we don’t know where we’re going, it’s very hard to get there.  Our minds are hard-wired for focused attention — a powerful tool that we often don’t use to our advantage.  The universe is aching to yield to us that which we desire most, but it’s like a GPS system.  If you just drive without entering your destination, it will just tell you where you are.  But, when you enter a destination, it will tell you how to get there.  Too often, creative types are resistant to goal setting and time schedules because we feel like we’re interfering with the Divine order of things or that it leaves out room for flexibility and flow.  None of this is true.  In fact, designing your vision is the thing that allows you flexibility and flow.  Once you know what your outcomes are, you can decide based on where you are going how best to shift and change along the way.

It’s important to remember in the design of your future that one of your desired outcomes should be to enjoy the process along with way.  It’s where most of your time will be spent on the way to your outcome.  For most creative types, if we don’t enjoy the journey we’ll never reach where we’re going.  If you make enjoying the process a goal as well, your intuition will aid you in showing you the yellow flags that might hinder this experience along the way.  Then you can either change them or avoid those that will lead to red flags.

3.  Honor Rituals For Creative Work and Play.  When do you create?  How often?  What’s your daily/weekly plan for getting it all done?  What’s your plan for downtime and play to refresh?  For creatives, it’s important to establish time to both work and play.   Just like everything in nature has a cycle and a season, we need to both run and recharge in order to keep our creative juices flowing.  Too often, we create a plan for one, but not the other.  Or worse case, we don’t have a plan for either until forced or under deadline and then the entire process becomes stressful and overwhelming.  It’s not the deadline that’s stressful, it’s your lack of upfront planning and discipline that’s making it stressful.

If you don’t regularly create time to connect, meditate, be still and connect to the Source of Infinite Intelligence and Creativity, burn out is inevitable.

This is even more important if we create for a living.  If you’re a photographer and get paid to shoot events like weddings and showers, you would want to make sure to also schedule time every week to shoot your favorite place in nature or people on the street you find interesting.  If you write for a living, make sure to schedule time to journal or write other things you consider fun.  This is the best way to keep your creative passion for the thing you love.

Your creative passion is a relationship.  Like any relationship, it requires loving attention, tenderness, stillness respect and balance or it will suffer and burn out.

4.  Stop All Comparison and Claim Your Uniqueness.  There is no quicker way to creative death than competition and comparison. Making our work “better or worse” than someone else only stunts and hinders our growth as creators.  We should respect and honor other people’s work, but NEVER compare.  Doing so silences your own creative voice.

You were designed by the Universe to be a distinct and unique creation.  There is None Like You In All The Earth.

Comparison and harmful self talk is a way to hide and diminish ourselves because we’re afraid to claim our own power.  You however, did not come here to hide.  You came to be Seen and Acknowledged.  If you’re going to be in the world and be known for your creative work, best start now to learn how to validate yourself and claim your creative force and power.

5.  Redefine Challenges and Failures.  We’re a sensitive lot, us creative types.  We tend to both live and die under the challenges, pressures and failures that we face.  On one hand, they can motivate us and steel our souls for battle, on the other hand, they can also unravel and unwind us if we haven’t prepared ourselves properly.  Truly successful creatives have a very different definition of failure than most people.

There is no such thing failure.  When success is claimed in the creation itself,  the only real failure is the refusal to try.

Most people cynically look at this and say “Who cares if I think its good if the whole world rejects it.” Most people miss the point.  If you only like or validate your work when others do, an even more dangerous relationship is created.    Remember, our true creative Source is flowing through us.  When we bless the force of the creation by celebrating our abllity to allow it in our lives, we claim our true power in the process.  When we make creation itself the goal, then we create a stronger interlude point for Source to continue to flow creatively in our experience.  As that spiritual connection grows, so will people’s interest in whatever we’re creating from that connection.

6.  Give More Than You Expect To Receive.  There is no more sure fire way to get the Universe to work in your favor than to give.  Support the work of others, give praise, offer thanks!  Whenever we honor the creative contributions of others without expecting anything in return, its like we do it for our own work as well.

Share the work of others you love, write positive reviews on Amazon, give as gifts to friends.  There are a million ways to celebrate the creativity of others.  Regardless of where you are in your career or life, if you want to see things turn around there is no faster way.

I hope you enjoyed these 6 Spritual Rules for Creative Success.  Do you have thoughts/comments?  Share below!  Click here to subscribe to our mailing list. We also provide one-on-one coaching services for those looking to bring more productivity and balance into their creative process to they can lead more successful lives.  Thanks for reading!

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